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How to play GTA II online


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Download GTA II  (its freeware )

GTA2 v11.44 (Windows 10 compatible*) - [17MB]


How to play online?

The best way for finding GTA2 multiplayer opponents is by using the GameHunter client. It's a small and free program that can be used to meet GTA2 players, hang out and play GTA2 multiplayer games. Warning: May require hours of port forwarding/firewall troubleshooting.

GTA2 Game Hunter


How to use GameHunter to play online?

GTA2 requires port 47624 TCP/UDP and ports in the range 2300-2400 TCP/UDP to be open. UPnP may also need to be disabled on your devices.

GTA2 is usually too slow against people on other continents. You should play with opponents that aren't on the other side of the world.

Find your router on this portforward.com page and follow its instructions. Do not download their software (click skip in top right corner if it appears). If your exact router isn't there, choose a similar one and try to figure it out from there.You need to forward some ports from your PC to your router. This is really technical and could take a while but it's good to learn since it can help you with many games.Changing router settings can disconnect everyone on your local network, so make sure you have permission from all users.For hosting and joining, you need to forward these ports to the internal IP address of the PC running GTA2:

Port 47624 UDP and TCP
Port range 2300-2400 UDP and TCP

Example router rules 1:

47624 -> 47624 Both
2300-2400 -> 2300-2400 Both

Example router rules 2:

47624 -> 47624 TCP
47624 -> 47624 UDP
2300-2400 -> 2300-2400 TCP
2300-2400 -> 2300-2400 UDP


If all the ports are opened you are ready to go with GameHunter and GTA 2. Download GTA2 from the Link above (version 11.44). Install the downloaded GTA2 from the link above. Install the GameHunter from the link above. Start your GameHunter and register a name.  Go to options and select the path to your GTA2 directory. Check the box to downloading maps and content.  You can see running games inside the GameHunter window as well as players on the right side. When you or some other player create a game it will show up inside the serverbrowser. By clicking the server you can join the serverlobby .


When first starting a multiplayer game you have to allow GTA2 in your firewall. If you cant connect to any lobby or other players cant join your lobby you have to look for all the ports are opened or not. And you have to look for all firewalls between GTA2 and the router.



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